Top 9 Microsoft Teams Meeting Best Practices (2022)

You may devote a great deal of time to Microsoft Teams connecting and collaborating with your colleagues via instant messages. However, office workers worldwide working remotely, conducting video meetings in Microsoft Teams has gained more importance. Though it’s straightforward to commence a video meeting in Teams, there are some ways to boost the meeting experience for you and otherattendees.Hereare some Microsoft Teams meeting best practices to help you make the most out of one of the popular tools with 145 million daily active users.

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FAQ about Microsoft Teams Meetings

Is Microsoft Teams meeting like Zoom?

Microsoft Teams and Zoom have many similarities in the features they offer, including screen sharing, whiteboard use, chat options and more. One advantage Teams has over Zoom is its tight integration with the rest of Microsoft’s Office 365 applications. Microsoft Teams allows organizations to have a single platform for file-sharing, backups and much more.

How do meetings work in Microsoft Teams?

In Microsoft Teams, meetings are one of the key ways to collaborate. You can share audio, video, or your screen efficiently and easily with Teams. Plus, it’s easy to add files and attachments.

You don’t have to be a part of an organization or create a Microsoft Teams account in order to join a meeting. Just follow the instructions given when you receive an invitation for it, and you’re ready to go!

Can I just join a Microsoft Teams meeting?

Yes, you can. Anyone can join a Microsoft Teams meeting as a guest at any time from their computer, smartphone or tablet — even without a Microsoft account. Note that some meetings might not allow guest participants!

Do you need a Teams account to join a meeting?

No, not at all! You can join a Microsoft Teams meeting as a guest, as long as the host allows guest in their meeting. If you’re a guest in a meeting, your contact information will not be shared with other participants unless you add it yourself.

Does the host need to be present for a Teams meeting?

No, a Teams meeting can be organized even if the host is not present. In order to allow all attendees in the meeting, the organizer must turn off the waiting room option. The meeting invitation should let all attendees to join, or it can be set up so that specific people (co-hosts) can allow people in.

How many people can be on a Microsoft Teams meeting?

The maximum number of participants in a Teams meeting is currently 1000. However, the view-only option allows up to 20,000 people to listen but not speak during a call.

Before the Meeting

1. Fine-tuning your meeting schedule

One way to determine if the time you’ve chosen for an online meeting is ideal for all participants is to schedule it and perceive if anyone has an objection. Still, a more straightforward way is to click on the “Scheduling Assistant “tab located at the top of the “New meeting” page.

Down the page’s left side, you can check all the optional and required participants you’ve invited along with a status below eachTeamsusers name: Available/Unavailable/Unknown.

This information is based on events already scheduled by invitees in their Outlook Calendar. You’ll see a schedule view indicating each person’s already-scheduled meetings to the right and shaded in purple.

Top 9 Microsoft Teams Meeting Best Practices (1)

In the schedule view, scrolling through days can help you determine if there’s a day with fewer conflicts than the one you first picked. If you come across a day and time that fits everyone, tap the date and the start/end times at the top of the page.

2. Sharing the agenda of your meeting

While scheduling the meeting, it’s great to include your one-on-one meeting agenda so that the other party knows what will be covered in the meeting. This, in turn, will help them to prepare appropriately.

At the bottom of the “New Meeting” page, there is a composition box to add a message to incorporate in the meeting invite. It’s an excellent place to enter a brief agenda for your meeting (Particularly in a readable format, such as a table or a bulleted list). Still, we recommend that you don’t make it too long since it may overwhelm the details of the meeting in the invitation email.

WithTeamflect, you can also add talking points before or during your one-on-one meetings to spend your one-on-one meeting with your manager, mentor, mentee, etc. Knowing the agenda beforehand also urges people to brainstorm before the meeting and come prepared. As a collaborative software,Teamflectwill help you to follow the Microsoft Teams online meeting best practices.

Top 9 Microsoft Teams Meeting Best Practices (2)

3. Hosting the meeting in a channel

In most instances, you would like to invite particular people to your meeting. However, you can arrange an “open” meeting hosted in a specific Microsoft Teams channel. Any members of that particular channel can join the meeting if you do that. This can be useful if you’ve built a channel for a particular project, and you want anyone working on the project can join the meeting.

When you set up your meeting, click the “Add Channel” box in the center of the “New Meeting” screen, and pick a team and channel from the drop-down menu that appears.

Top 9 Microsoft Teams Meeting Best Practices (3)

Once scheduling the meeting, press the “Send” button, it’s broadcasted as a message under the Post tab of the channel, and each channel member receives an Email Invitation. Any channel member can respond to the announcement – adding files or other information in their response.

You can also respond to your meeting announcement and attach a meeting agenda as a PDF/.doc file. It’s an intelligent approach to give your Microsoft Teams channel members and invitees a breakdown of what the meeting is all about.

During the meeting

4.Using background blur or a background image

A professional look is vital in video meetings, and it entails what’s appearing behind you on camera.Microsoft’s background blur functionality does just as it says: it blurs your background.

Alternatively, you can select from a collection of background images. Background blur or background photo helps make your image stand out, and other participants can easily connect what you’re about to tell them with almost zero distractions.

  • Before joining a planned meeting, switch on the background blur/a background image: Along the video preview’s bottom, tap the second switch ((the headshot icon). You’ll see the “Background settings” window on the right side. Select the blurred image in the upper right to enable background blur or select one of the other background images to show in front of that image.
Top 9 Microsoft Teams Meeting Best Practices (4)
  • If you’re already in a meeting, switch on a background effect: Drag the cursor over your video feed to open the Meeting Control Bar. To open the “More Actions” menu, click on the three-dot icon and select “Show Background Effects.” As mentioned above, you can see the “Background settings” pane. When you choose the page, you can first click “Preview” to check what you’ll look like and then click “Apply” and switch on the video to make it appear to others.

5. Screen-sharing, don’t overshare

If you want to share information shown in an application running on your computer, you can share that application but not the rest of your desktop. This focuses the attention of your participants on just what you want to demonstrate to them in the application. And it preserves your privacy since other details on your desktop cannot be seen.

To share an application window running on your computer, move the cursor to the meeting control toolbar and tap the Share icon (the arrow over a rectangle). A panel appears along the bottom. The thumbnails of applications running on your computer are under the category of “Window.” Next, tap the app window that you want to share with other participants in your meeting.

Top 9 Microsoft Teams Meeting Best Practices (5)

In this Share pane, the other options are also available. For example, you can share a PowerPoint presentation, browse teams, One Drive, or your computer to share a file, or open an interactive whiteboard that the other meeting participants and you can mark up.

6. Recording your video meeting

It’s so easy to end up missing some key highlights during video meetings, but you can record your meeting for future reference. The video file is stored in Microsoft’s Stream cloud service so you and other team members can watch it. This is beneficial for those who skipped the meeting or have to go back to what was addressed.

Move the cursor to call the Meeting Controls toolbar to record your meeting. Tap the three-dot icon to launch the “More Actions” menu and choose “Start Recording.” The other meeting participants can see a banner that tells them they’re being recorded. You can end the recording by tapping the three-dot icon and choose “Stop Recording.”

7. Taking meeting notes

It is not rare for essential points to be addressed or action things to be decided on in meetings and then overlooked quickly after the meeting is over. You or another participant can take notes, and it will be saved as part of the team meeting to better track these things in Teams. Since they are saved along with the meeting itself, they are later readily available for analysis.

Move the cursor to the Meeting Controls toolbar to get started, press a three-dot button to open the More Activities menu, and then pick Display Meeting Notes. At the right of the Teams window, the “Meeting Notes” pane appears. Click the Take Notes tab, then start typing notes.

A formatting toolbar appears after you do so, allowing you to add bold, italics, highlighting, numbered and bulleted lists, and another formatting to the file. For example, to add a section headline, press the button. To keep the notes ordered, you can build as many parts as you like. Tap the three-dot icon to the right of any line if you want to rearrange the lines and pick Move Up or Move Down.

Since there can be things that are meant to be private between two people, we, asTeamflect, integrated a note-taking functionality into our app. With the notes section in our 1-1 module, managers and their direct reports take shared or private notes while having an online meeting in Microsoft Teams. To see more of what we can provide, please have a look at our 1-on-1 module.

Top 9 Microsoft Teams Meeting Best Practices (6)

After the meeting

8. Sharing the recording

We are sure that you are aware of this Microsoft Teams meeting best practices, but we just wanted to make sure that you know all the details. Once you’ve recorded the meeting, you and other invitees would have access to the recording (when processed and saved) via Teams’ meeting chat page. It doesn’t hurt to let your team members know that they can view the recording at any time.

By clicking on a chat icon in the left toolbox, you or any other participants will access it. Next, pick the meeting during which you captured the video in the chat pane to the right of the Toolbar. A thumbnail of the record will be posted for the meeting on the Chat page. You can play the video by tapping the thumbnail.

Only the individual who recorded the meeting can share it with the non-participants of the meeting. If you like to share the recording with the entire firm, tap the three-dot icon located next to the video’s thumbnail on the “Chat” tab page and choose “Share” from the menu and tap the “Share” button. To share it with selective people, tap the three-dot icon and choose the “Get link”>” Copy” button. You can then paste the link into an email and then send it to particular recipients.

Microsoft is changing the way it is saving the Teams meeting recordings. Instead of Stream, your meeting recordings will be saved to OneDrive andSharepointafter March 2021. You can find more details here.

9. Reviewing and sharing the meeting notes

If you’ve taken notes for meetings, they are attached to the meeting in Microsoft Teams. By clicking Chat in the left Toolbar, choosing your meeting, and clicking on the Meeting Notes tab, you or the other participants can access the notes. Alternatively, you can tap Calendar in the left Toolbar, choose your meeting, click the chat tab, access an announcement of the meeting notes, and tap Show Notes on full-screen. And, you guessed, the meetings would appear on the Posts Tab as a response to the original post on the meeting if you hosted the meeting on a channel.

If you’ve taken notes usingTeamflectduring the meeting, they will be stored in the “Notes” section inTeamflectalong with your other notes.

Top 9 Microsoft Teams Meeting Best Practices (7)

That’s all on the Microsoft Teams meeting best practices. To make one on one meetings more effective, we recommend taking advantage of the best Teams applications and integrations such as Teamflect.

Bonus 1: Use Breakout Rooms for Delivering Workshops

A couple of months ago, Microsoft introduced a functionality called Breakout Rooms. With Breakout Rooms, you can bring your meeting attendees into small groups for more private discussions and brainstorming sessions. If you are the organizer of the meeting you are attending, all you have to do is clicking the Breakout Room button on the top right of the Teams meeting screen. You can assign the participants to rooms automatically or manually.

Top 9 Microsoft Teams Meeting Best Practices (8)

Bonus 2: Online meetings, anywhere, everywhere: Microsoft Teams App Tips You Should Know

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world of the Covıd-19 pandemic as long as you have a clear plan on your mind and a solid internet connection with you! It is all the same with Microsoft Teams online meetings. To tune in to your online meeting with any of your mobile devices, you can use the Microsoft Teams app – the top-rated productivity app on both the App Store and Play store.

Many online meeting tools are also suitable for mobile devices; however, they are not as efficient as their web versions. Things are different for the Microsoft Teams app; you can use a couple of exciting features to enjoy the mobile version!

  • Use a bit of magic:

Microsoft Teams app allows its user to have an “abracadabra” moment. If your phone is already too slow and low on storage, you can use this feature just to cut back your footprint a bit. To cast the spell, go to the settings menu on the app and then head to Data and Storage. In this section, you can clear your previously downloaded files or cache or simply change the quality of images you’ll receive.

  • Time to switch into “vacation mode”:

It doesn’t matter how busy you are. Your brain needs a rest, and mobile devices are always a saboteur with their shiny add attractive notifications to tap in. Microsoft Teams mobile app allows its users to control their accessibility. You can determine your “Quiet Hours” or “Quite days” via a mobile app and enjoy your time off.

  • Forget about WhatsApp or Telegram: Your new instant message mobile app is here:

Avoiding “unnecessary conversations” in virtual life is essential. Let’s face it. Sometimes you just want to log off and don’t want to be part of a group chat that consists of 100+people with a lot to talk about. You don’t have to share their excitement all the time.

Using Microsoft Teams app for sending instant messages, file-sharing or chat calls can save you from all of this. It might sound a bit unfamiliar since most users tend to think that Microsoft Teams is just another “business tool” and there is no seat for family and friends. Well, that’s not how it sounds. This mobile app can actually be your newly discovered, quiet, and peaceful planet for you and your close friends. You just need to give it a try!

  • Just enjoy being your true-self

An app is better as long as it’s customizable. Each and every person’s intention to use an app may vary over time. Microsoft Teams mobile app lets you customize your bottom navigation bar with your favorite tools. Productivity is key, but sometimes the apps that help you save time mean everything.

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