The Case of James Forrestal and the Take Downs of Real America Firsters (2023)

The Case of James Forrestal and the Take Downs of Real America Firsters (1)

‘I am more and more impressed by the fact that it is largely futile to get up and make statements about current problems. At the same time, I know that silent acquiescence to evil is also out of the question.’ –Thomas Merton(1915 – 1968)

More than occasionally, top-ranking Americans who are not Israel Firsters are taken out. It seems the preferred method to get rid of the “uncooperative” is a character assassination. Case in point was Admiral Bobby Ray Inman, who was slated to become President Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Defense in 1994. Inman’s downfall followed his comments such as this:

“Israeli spies have done more harm and have damaged the United States more than the intelligence agents of all other countries on earth combined … They are the gravest threat to our national security.”

Neocon Zionist media operatives got Inman to withdraw and go home by calling him a “conspiracy theorist” and a kook. This was spearheaded by The New York Times(aka New York Slimes) Jewish columnist William Safire. It is generally believed that he was also threatened. Later in 2006, Inman was further marginalized by the usual suspects for criticizing the Bush administration’s use of warrantless domestic wiretaps.

Admiral Inman at least escaped with his life. Perhaps the most well-known America Firster to meet a suspicious fate was James Forrestal. His 1944-1949 diaries were published in 1951; they are insightful, coming from an powerful insider. He was U.S. Navy Under Secretary from 1940 and Secretary for Defense from 1947 to 1949.

(Video) Interview with David Martin, author: "The Assassination of James Forrestal"

After the war, Forrestal urged Truman to take a hard line with the Soviets over Poland. He also strongly influenced the new Wisconsin SenatorJoseph McCarthyconcerning infiltration of the government by Communists. In McCarthy’s words, “Before meeting with Jim Forrestal, I thought we were losing to international Communism because of incompetence and stupidity on the part of our planners. I mentioned that to Forrestal. I shall forever remember his answer. He said, “McCarthy, consistency has never been a mark of stupidity. If they were merely stupid, they would occasionally make a mistake in our favor.” Clearly the experienced Forrestal was not buying into the bogus Hanlon’s Razor of “never attribute to malice, what could be explained by stupidity.

During private cabinet meetings with President Truman in 1946 and 1947, Forrestal favored a federalization plan for Palestine, with which at first Truman concurred. Truman then received threats to cut off campaign contributions from wealthy donors, as well as hate mail and an assassination attempt.Appalled by the intensity and implied threats over the partition question,Forrestal stated to J. Howard McGrath, senator from Rhode Island:

“… No group in this country should be permitted to influence our policy to the point it could endanger our national security.”

I draw your attention to several revealing Forrestal diary notations:

(Video) Nation Mourns James Forrestal 1949

Feb. 3, 1948 (pages 362 and 363): “Visit today from Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr., who came in with strong advocacy of a Jewish State in Palestine, that we should support the United Nations ‘decision,’ I pointed out that the United Nations had as yet taken no ‘decision,’ that it was only a recommendation of the General Assembly and that I thought the methods that had been used by people outside of the Executive branch of the government to bring coercion and duress on other nations in the General Assembly bordered closely onto scandal … I said I was merely directing my efforts to lifting the question out of politics; that is, to have the two parties agree that they would not compete for votes on this issue.

“He said this was impossible, that the nation was too far committed and that, furthermore, the Democratic Party would be bound to lose and the Republicans gain by such an agreement. I said I was forced to repeat to him what I had said to Senator McGrath in response to the latter’s observation that our failure to go along with the Zionists might lose the states of New York, Pennsylvania and California — that I thought it was about time that somebody should pay some consideration to whether we might not lose the United States.”

The entry for Feb. 3, 1948, continues (page 364):“Had lunch with Mr. (((B. M. Baruch))). After lunch raised the same question with him. He took the line of advising me not to be active in this particular matter, and that I was already identified, to a degree that was not in my own interest, with opposition to the United Nations policy on Palestine.”

The Case of James Forrestal and the Take Downs of Real America Firsters (2)

(Video) Forrestal Tragedy Remembered

At this time, a campaign of unparalleled slander and calumny was launched in the United States press and periodicals against Mr. Forrestal. This was led by the notorious rumor and Jewish gossip monger Walter Winchell and hatchet man, liar and shabbos goy Drew Pearson. In January 1949, Pearson related that Forrestal’s wife had been the victim of a holdup back in 1937 and falsely suggested that Forrestal had run away, leaving his wife defenseless. On March 22, 1949, Forrestal resigned as Secretary of Defense. However, he was a wealthy man and was planning on starting a journalistic endeavor with America First leanings.

A few days later, the claim was made that he “had a nervous breakdown” (denied by Forrestal’s brother). He was administered narcosis with sodium amytal and aregimen of insulin. According the assigned doctor, the patient “over reacted” and was “thrown into a confused state with a great deal of agitation and confusion.”

Ultimately, Forrestal “fell” from a 16th floor window at Bethesda Naval Hospital. DrewPearson ran more phony lies that Forrestal had made four “previous” suicide attempts. Another dubious Jewish “historian,” Arnold Rogow, continued the fictitious account of his death and character assassination with the well-worn “anti-Semitic nut” and “paranoid conspiracy theorist” accusation. Rogow’s travesty — I mean “book” — is a case study in lies and hatchet jobs. Itcan be read here.

In 2004, the “Willcutt Report” was finally declassified after 53 years and exposes these fabricators on the particulars of Forrestal’s murder. If you read through it while thinking critically, the whole scene reeks of skulduggery and story telling.

(Video) America's Defence Chiefs Outline Us Defence Needs (1949)

There is also a smoking gun connection in this report. It reveals his “care” was administered by MK-Ultra psychiatrist Dr. Winfred Overholser, who signed off on the report. This was the operative who ran theSt. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington, D.C. He specialized in “involuntary psychiatry,” LSD research, truth drugs and was at the center of the mind-control network.St. Elizabeth’s was also where other “sensitive” federal cases were kept during Overholser’s tenure, such as poet Ezra Pound (illegally committed for Axis and “anti-Semitic” sympathies during WWII) and John Hinckley, Jr., who shot Ronald Reagan.

When he was “committed” against his wishes, Forrestal was a private citizen and no longer a high government official. By what authority did the rouge government element take him to Bethesda? Most interesting that during this stage he was surrounded by Zionist Jewish moles such as Marx Leva.

Henry Forrestal tried several times to see his brother James in the hospital but was refused visiting rights by both Dr. Raines and [acting hospital commandant] Captain [B. W.] Hogan. He finally managed to see his brother briefly after he had informed Hogan that he intended to go to the newspapers and after he had threatened legal action against the hospital.

Henry Forrestal stated that when he was finally allowed to see his brother, he found James “acting and talking as sanely and intelligently as any man I’ve ever known.”


Henry tried to persuade Dr. Raines to allow Forrestal’s friend and Catholic priest, Father Maurice Sheehy, to visit. Raines turned Sheehy away on six separate occasions.

Despite the difficulties people close to Forrestal had in gaining access, Zionist minion and water boy Congressman Lyndon Baines Johnson saw Forrestal in the hospital. Why- to deliver some kind of final threat and message? Forrestal didn’t care for the man. Two hard headed personalities, Forrestal probably told LBJ to go screw himself.

The bottom line on James Forrestal that sealed his sad fate was he was an America Firster and would have spoken out. If you research his death, you will also come across a ridiculous back story, character assassination, smears insults, lies and diversions about UFOs, all crafted to make him sound kooky.


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