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Travellers can make their SRS Travels online ticket booking using ixigo app for a comfortable and seamless travel experience.
ixigo has recently acquired AbhiBus, a popular bus booking portal. You can enjoy the same, feature-packed experience of booking SRS Travels bus tickets on AbhiBus.

Popular SRS Travels Bus Routes

Bangalore to HubballiBangalore to Hubballi Bus Tickets
Bangalore to Belagavi Bangalore to Belagavi Bus Tickets
Hubballi to BangaloreHubballi to Bangalore Bus Tickets
Belagavi to BangaloreBelagavi to Bangalore Bus Tickets
Bangalore to DavanagereBangalore to Davanagere Bus Tickets
Belagavi to PuneBelagavi to Pune Bus Tickets
Hubballi to PuneHubballi to Pune Bus Tickets
Bangalore to PuneBangalore to Pune Bus Tickets
Pune to BelagaviPune to Belagavi Bus Tickets
Davanagere to PuneDavanagere to Pune Bus Tickets

How to book SRS Travels Bus Ticket online?

  • SRS Travels online bus ticket booking is now available on the ixigo app and the ixigo website.
  • Customers can book tickets for all buses that are operated by SRS Travels and avail amazing discounts, deals and cashbacks on ixigo.
  • They can also use any payment method of their choice (credit/debit cards / net banking / e-wallets) to make an online bus ticket booking that is 100% safe and secure.
  • After booking, the ticket is available in the ixigo app and customers do not need to get in the hassle of having to get a physical ticket that can easily get lost.
  • Also, in case of any query, the ixigo customer support is available 24x7.
  • Customers can also check the bus routes, timings, price details, arrival and departure timetables, all available operators and a lot more on ixigo.

Discounts & Offers on SRS Travels Bus Ticket Booking

Check the latest deals on SRS Travels bus tickets on the ixigo offers page and get the best deal on your booking. Another advantage of booking SRS Travels bus tickets on ixigo is that you can avail exclusive offers from e-wallets and several leading banks. Here you can find the latest bus tickets offers and coupons codes for your bus booking on ixigo.

SRS Travels Bus Types

SRS Travels offers a variety of bus services that range from non-AC express buses to sleeper, AC seater and semi-sleeper buses.

  • AC Seater Buses: These extremely comfortable buses are great for travellers that are seeking budget-friendly transportation with the comfort of air conditioning.
  • Volvo Multi-Axle Sleeper AC Buses: This is an expensive bus service offered by SRS Travels. These sleeper buses are as luxurious as an AC train. Each berth in these buses come equipped with LED TV, blankets, face wipes, water bottles etc.
  • Multi-Axle Semi-Sleeper AC Buses: These buses are manufactured by famous brands like Volvo, Scania and Mercedes-Benz. They have semi-sleeper reclining seats along with facilities like water bottles, face wipes, LED TV and blankets.
  • Non AC Seater / Sleeper Buses: These are non-air-conditioned buses with 2+2 push back seats that run through major cities.

    Bus Amenities

    • Multi-Axle Sleeper AC Buses: These buses provide travellers with all amenities such as water bottles, blankets, pillows, charging socket and LED TV.
    • AC Seater Buses: They provide water bottles, blankets and TV.
    • Non AC Seater / Sleeper Buses:These buses offer television facility.

    Features of SRS Travels Buses

    • All the buses operated by SRS Travels come equipped with air suspension and wider seats for better comfort.
    • The entertainment facilities offered on the buses ensure that travellers thoroughly enjoy the journey.
    • Travellers are provided with all basic amenities in the buses like water bottles, blankets, facial wipes, etc. Apart from these features, the buses do not make any unnecessary noise, there are no jerks and wide luggage space, making the travel experience comfortable.
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    About SRS Travels

    Started in 1971, SRS Travels operates a fleet of nearly 5000 buses in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Trivandrum, Ahmedabad, Visakhapatnam, Goa, Vijayawada and Tirupati with plans to expand its operations to even more cities. SRS Travels operates its fleet 24x7 extensively across multiple areas by providing transportation for tourists, employees, cargo movement, package tours etc. SRS Travels booking is an easy and convenient experience. Also, from a point of view of safety and reliability SRS Travels bus booking is a reliable mode of travel. It is also highly preferred by travellers because it is economical and provides comfortable connections to a variety of major cities.

    Bus Services by SRS Travels

    Buses by SRS Travels have a high frequency and they run throughout the day. Moreover, the buses allow passengers to travel between destinations safely and comfortably. The staff of SRS Travels staff is known for providing timely and professional assistance to passengers. This is why SRS Travels is an established name in the transport network. Travellers prefer SRS Travels due to its on-time bus services spread across a wide network of city routes. Travellers can easily book their seats on various bus routes using SRS Travels online booking.

    SRS Travels Bus Booking Cancellation Charges

    In case you want to cancel a booking, the following is the cancellation policy and various charges of SRS Travels:

    • If travellers cancel their ticket between 0-4 hours before bus departure: No refund
    • If travellers cancel their ticket between 4 to 12 hours before departure: 50% refund
    • If travellers cancel their ticket between 12 to 24 hours before departure: 80% refund

    Along with this, travellers must note that children above the age of 5 need a full ticket to travel in SRS Travels buses.

    SRS Travels Bus Booking FAQs

    Q. What is the age limit for a half ticket on SRS Travels buses?

    A: There is no facility for children to get half tickets on this bus service. All tickets booked for children aged 5 and above are charged at full adult fares.

    Q. Do I need a printout of my e-ticket while boarding a SRS Travels bus?

    A: Yes, all passengers must carry a printout of their ticket when boarding the bus.

    Q. Can I change bus ticket details after completing my booking?

    A: SRS Travels allows you to update your boarding location and mobile number, and prepone/postpone/cancel bookings. You can also request an open ticket for later use. To make any of these modifications, passengers must provide their ticket number, email/phone number and travel date. Carrying an updated print of the modified ticket is required while boarding.
    For preponing/postponing tickets, passengers receive a coupon on their registered email address bearing the full ticket amount. This is valid for 5 hours, and can be used to make the desired change. The coupon will not be refunded if the booking fare is lower than the coupon amount, or if the preponed/postponed ticket is cancelled. Please note multiple coupons cannot be used on the same booking.

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    Q. What should I do if I lose my ticket?

    A: This bus operator sends passengers a copy of their ticket via e-mail during the booking process. If somebody loses their ticket, they can take a printout of this email and show it during boarding. If this email isn’t received, passengers can contact the SRS Travels call centre and request an executive for a copy.

    Q. What ID proof must be carried when using this operator?

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    A: Any government-authorised ID proof can be carried when boarding an SRS Travels bus.

    Q. Is an SRS Travels bus ticket transferable?

    A: No, tickets booked under this bus operator cannot be transferred to a different passenger.

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