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A masters is the first level of graduate coursework and can be obtained after you receive a bachelor’s degree. Earning a masters usually requires two years of full-time study, which amounts to 36 to 54 semester credits.

Students of artificial intelligence may find themselves at the forefront of research into machine learning and development tools. Careers that use this subject include software engineer, research scientist and deep learning technician.

Top Master Programs in Artificial Intelligence in Germany 2021

top universities for artificial intelligence germany

Some of the popular German universities offering masters in artificial intelligence are listed below along with the course details:

UniversitiesProgramFeesAdmission Semester
Technical University MunichMSc Robotics, Cognition, Intelligence (2-years)No tuition, 142.40 Euro Student feesWinter and Summer Semester
Saarland UniversityMSc Data Science & Artificial Intelligence (2-years)No tuition, 286-semester feeSummer and Winter Semester
IUBH University of Applied SciencesMSc Artificial Intelligence (online)
(1 and 2 years option)
60 ECTS- 110 Euro per month
120 ECTS- 95 Euros
All Quarters
SRH Berlin University of Applied Science*MSc CS with Focus on Big Data and AI (2 years)6450 Euro a semesterSummer and Winter Semester
GISMA Business SchoolMSc Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, & Digital Business (2-years)12,500-15,500 Euro a year
University of FreiburgMSc Computer Science with AI specialization
1661 Euro per semester (tuition-1500)Summer and Winter Semester
Deggendorf Institute of TechnologyMSc Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (2-years)No tuition, 62 Euro service fee/semesterSummer Semester
University of DusseldorfMasters in AI and Data ScienceNo tuition, 300 Euro/semesterWinter Semester
Ansbach University of Applied SciencesApplied Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation (German)No Tuition, 52 Euro each semesterWinter Semester
University of Erlangen-NurembergMasters in AINo TuitionSummer and Winter Semester

*SRH Berlin- Offers fast track option also- 15, years to students with more than 3-year UG degree.

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Why Study MS in Artificial Intelligence in Germany

Home of several industries feeding on AI and machine learning skills, Germany is one of the largest absorbing countries for AI professionals and skilled laborers. Here are certain factors on why pursuing MS in Artificial Intelligence in Germany:

  • Industries like Automotive, Robotics, and Aviation are the most demanding sectors for a skilled professional.
  • The global market for artificial intelligence is expected to grow by 36.1% CAGR till 2024.
  • The rising value of the industry is expected to be US$ 3,061.35 billion by the end of 2024.
  • Thesis & Internship Integrated courses are offered at masters in artificial intelligence helps students to embed their academic knowledge and learnings to practical situations
  • No or low tuition fees in Germany helps international students to gain education from world-class universities at an affordable price.

Other Relevant Courses to Study in Germany

Looking for Masters in AI? Here are certain other courses that might interest you and lead you to similar career paths

Masters in Data ScienceMasters in RoboticsMasters in Computer Science
masters in data science and artificial intelligence in germany – (2)

artificial intelligence masters in germany

Fees52 Euro a semester to 1660 Euro a semester
EligibilityBachelors in a relevant subject,
Knowledge of mathematics, data analytics, and relevant scientific and technical fields
Tests Scores RequiredLanguage proficiency scores- German and English
GRE scoresmay be asked.
Popular Recruiting SectorsFinance, Aviation, Automobile, Robotics
Salaries36,000 to 57,000 Euro a year

All About Masters in Artificial Intelligence

The Master of Artificial Intelligence helps students with the broad and in-depth skills required for developing AI and understanding algorithm transformation through the same. It helps students in gaining expertise for being able to obtain, process, and store enormous amounts of data, which is at the root of AI and development processes.

The embedded internship and thesis in masters of artificial intelligence courses in Germany strengthens EU goals of cooperative learning, research, and teaching. Students will gain expertise and practice in the field and benefit from the solid foundation provided for innovation

This two-year Master’s program focuses on the theoretical foundations of Artificial Intelligence A broad variety of specializations and a range of research groups provide you with hands-on project work and practical sessions opportunities.

Admission to MS in Artificial Intelligence in Germany

Gettingadmission to German Universitiesis slightly trickier as some universities accept applications directly while some have common application portals like uni-assist that are centers for application for international applicants.

You must ensure that when applying for a master’s in artificial intelligence you visit the official website of the chosen university for a better understanding of the application process. Though there are certain things that can be cleared when visiting the university page the sections below summarize how to get into a masters in artificial intelligence course at some of the popular universities in Germany

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Admission Applications to MS in Artificial Intelligence in Germany

UniversitiesDeadlines/Application Fees/Portal
IUBH University of Applied SciencesOnline course-Apply anytime
TUMMay 31
November 30,
Apply through uni-assist
Saarland UniversityMay 15,
November 15
University of FreiburgMay 31, December 15
University of DusseldorfJuly 15
Ansbach University of Applied SciencesJuly 15
University of Erlangen-NurembergJanuary 15,
July 15

MS in Artificial Intelligence in Germany: Document Requirements

Your application package for German universities must constitute the following:

  • Transcripts of previous education
  • School leaving certificate
  • Letter of motivation
  • CV/Resume
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Preliminary Documentation by uni-assist (mandatory for universities accepting applications through uni-assist)
  • SOP for AI
  • Passport/ID proof
  • Medical certificate
  • Student visa

MS in Artificial Intelligence in Germany: Eligibility Criteria

The admission criteria specific to each university is detailed below. You must note that in general an international aspirant for masters in artificial intelligence needs to have a relevant bachelor’s degree and scores oftests required to study in Germany.

IUBH University of Applied SciencesBachelor’s degree with knowledge of Programming Python, Advanced Mathematics (73-76%)
SRH Berlin University of Applied ScienceBachelors in relevant subject, Interview
GISMA Business SchoolBachelor’s degree in relevant scientific subject
TUMBachelor’s in relevant subject
Saarland UniversityBachelors in relevant subject,
knowledge of data science, machine learning, advanced mathematics, theoretical informatics
Deggendorf Institute of TechnologyBachelors in AI or closely related course, data science courses should be an integral part of UG
University of Freiburg4-years bachelor’s
GRErequired if score is less than 80%
University of DusseldorfBachelor’s in relevant course with at least 75% or more
Ansbach University of Applied SciencesBachelors with 70% or more
University of Erlangen-NurembergTechnical and advanced knowledge of maths, CS, and related scientific fields
GRE scores recommended

Language Proficiency for MS in Artificial Intelligence in Germany

Some universities in Germany have German as their primary mode of education, while some have complete courses in English to make it easy for international applicants. In either case, students from non-native speaking nations are required to submit proof of language proficiency. Some of the minimum requirements are detailed below:

UniversitiesLanguage Proficiency
IUBH University of Applied SciencesIELTS- 6.0
SRH Berlin University of Applied ScienceIELTS- 6.5
GISMA Business SchoolIELTS- 6.0
TUMTestDaf- level 4 in each section,Goethe- B2 Certificate,
DSH level II,TOEFL- 88,IELTS- 6.5
Saarland UniversityIELTS- 7.0
Deggendorf Institute of TechnologyIELTS- 6.5
TOEFL- 72-94
University of FreiburgIELTS- 7.0
University of DusseldorfTOEFL ibt- 80
TOEFL pbt-500
IELTS- 6.0
Ansbach University of Applied SciencesTestDaf, DSH, Goethe
University of Erlangen-NurembergTOEFL pbt- 560 or other equivalents

Student Visa for Germany

International students applying for a Master’s (MA) in Germany would require a relevant visa for studying in the country. The process for obtaining aGerman Student Visais as detailed below.

How to apply:Complete the online application form and schedule an interview with the nearest German embassy)

Standard Application Fee:75 EUR (varies)

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Documents Required:

  • A duly-filledapplication form
  • A smart cover letter stating the purpose and duration of your stay.
  • Valid national passport. (It must have three more months of validity on the day you leave Germany)
  • Covered health insurance- It must have coverage of at least 30,000 EUR and it must be valid for at least 3 months.
  • Letter of Admission into a study program from the German University
  • Proof of Payment to the college/university
  • Proof of Financial Resources to support your stay in Germany (Blocked Account Paper, preferably)
  • Travel Health Insurance

Time Required to obtain a German Student Visa:from 3 to 12 months

Cost of MS in Artificial Intelligence in Germany

masters in data science and artificial intelligence in germany – (3)

Whenplanning to study abroad,one of the major concerns is the cost and expenses one suffers through. One of the best factors of studying in Germany is that many universities do not have tuition fees. But this is not the only major expense you will come across whenplanning to study in Germany.There are many more expenses you will face which are discussed below in detail.

Pre-arrival Costs

The pre-arrival cost comprises application fees, tests fees, visa application fees, airfare, and similar one-time expenses.

Type of expenseCost in EURCost in INR
Program Application Fees*756,640
German Student Visa Application Fees756,640
Health Insurance81-1627,200 – 14,330
IELTS Fees17115,200
TOEFL Fees22520,000
Air Fare40536,000
Registration Fees20017,700

*program application fees may vary

Tuition Fees for MS in Artificial Intelligence in Germany

The tuition fees for Indian aspirants looking forward to studying MS in Artificial Intelligence in Germany is discussed below:

UniversityFees (in INR)
TUM12,786 Student fees
Saarland University25,683-semester fee
IUBH University of Applied Sciences8531 to 9878 a month
SRH Berlin University of Applied Science*5.79 lakhs a semester
GISMA Business School13.91 lakhs a year
University of Freiburg1.49 lakhs per semester
Deggendorf Institute of Technology5,567 service fee/semester
University of Dusseldorf26,940 /semester
Ansbach University of Applied Sciences4,669 each semester
University of Erlangen-NurembergNo Tuition

Cost of Living in Germany

Applicants must note that the cost of living compiled below is only an estimate as the actual amount shall vary depending on the individual’s personal preferences and the city you choose to stay in.

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For instance, while Munich is one of the most expensive German cities to live in that costs around1,500 EUR per month, Berlin on the hand is highly cheaper in comparison with only800 EUR per month.

Type of ExpenditureCost (in EUR, per month)
Student Accommodation and utilities300 to 500
Books and Supplies20 to 25
Food and supplies200 to 250
Health insurance100
Phone and internet30
Leisure and hobbies50 to 100
Travel costs (car and public transport)94

Masters in Artificial Intelligence with Scholarships

Though the cost of study in Germany is very low when compared to other European countries and study abroad destinations like the US, Canada, etc, finding scholarships or funding options for international students is equally easy.

Discussed below are some of the popular scholarships you can look forward to applying as an international student planning tostudy masters in Germany:

ScholarshipAmount (in EUR)Eligibility
Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation ScholarshipsUp to 81,850Indian students pursuing masters or doctoral program in Germany or other European countries
DAAD Scholarships700 per monthInternational students enrolled in a masters or doctoral program in Germany
85% avg score with relevant experience of the field
JN Tata Endowment ScholarshipUp to 11,112Indian applicants applying for higher education abroad
Bharat Petroleum Scholarship 2020VariableMerit-based award for Indian candidates seeking to enroll in a foreign university for higher education
Paul Foundation scholarships16,675Indian students applying for a pg or doctoral program in Germany. Short courses and diploma are also covered
Heinrich Boll Scholarships1,215 plus allowancesA merit-based for international students pursuing any stream at UG, PG or doctoral level in Germany

Apart fromscholarships to study in Germany for international students, you can choose to look for loans from BafoG, a state funding for students in German universities. You can also look for part-time work while studying in the country.

Jobs after MS in Artificial Intelligence in Germany

As the sectors like business intelligence, cybersecurity, healthcare, construction, transportation, retail, IT, manufacturing, SCM, and education are impacted by the artificial intelligence revolution, there is an abundance of roles andjobs in Germanyto look forward to.

Firms like European Recruitment, niche in technologists jobs, focus on sectors like AI and machine learning and help in connecting recruiters with skilled professionals. As young graduates with MS in Artificial Intelligence in Germany, you can enroll with such sites and enhance your chances of being recruited across the world.

Globally four major sectors hiring skilled professionals from AI field that experienced the highest growth rate in the time frame 2015-2019 are:

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  • Machine learning- 300%
  • Robotics-128%
  • Computer Vision- 116%
  • Data Scientists- 78%

Some of the popular job roles and salaries for graduates with masters in artificial intelligence are:

JobsSalaries (Euro/year)
Artificial Intelligence Developer50,900
AI & Machine Learning Specialist51,800
Business Intelligence Analyst45,300
Business Intelligence Developer43,100
Data Analyst38,300
Software Analyst40,00
Software Developer55,700
IT Manager62,400
Global BI Analyst47,800
IT Specialist44,700

Your salaries are dependent on variable like job role, location, firm/company, sector in which you are employed, and more. Here is a graphical representation of the highest paying cities in Germany for AI & Machine Learning Specialists:


Is it worth doing Masters in Data Science in Germany? ›

In Germany, a master's degree in data science has a wide range of applications and offers numerous high-paying work prospects. According to research, master's degrees in data science are generally worth over $18,000 more than bachelor's degrees.

Is Germany good for Artificial Intelligence? ›

Home of several industries feeding on AI and machine learning skills, Germany is one of the largest absorbing countries for AI professionals and skilled laborers.

Is it hard to get admission in Germany for Masters? ›

German admissions are highly competitive. Subject matter experts with strong academic backgrounds, research or work experience are given high preference for admissions. That's why students with a good GRE score tend to have an additional advantage over students without a GRE/GATE score.

Which country is best for artificial intelligence and Data Science? ›

Best countries to study artificial intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence in UK.
  • Artificial Intelligence in Canada.
  • Artificial Intelligence in Germany.
  • Artificial Intelligence in USA.
  • Artificial Intelligence in Ireland.
  • Artificial Intelligence in Sweden.
  • Artificial Intelligence in France.

Is it easy to get a job in Germany after Masters in data science? ›

Data Scientists and IT professionals

Being an expert in the field of IT opens you up to many opportunities. Job opportunities after doing MS in Germany open doors for you at some of the top technology companies. So, if you're a software geek, you surely can get an attractive job offer, you cannot refuse.

Is it easy to get data science job in Germany? ›

There are multiple job openings for data scientists in India and Germany, though there is always one with extra benefits. There are companies such as Volkswagen, Allianz, BMW, Siemens, Daimler, and more. These companies offer colossal salary packages to skilled and qualified workers.

Which country is number 1 in AI? ›

Countries leading the way in AI
United Kingdom29.069
United States of America48.804
6 more rows

Which country has highest demand for AI? ›

The top 7 countries with the maximum opportunities for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Professionals are:
  • United States (US)
  • Europe.
  • India.
  • Germany.
  • Canada.
  • United Kingdom (UK)
  • China.
14 Oct 2022

Which profession is most respected in Germany? ›

The greatest demand in Germany is for the following professions: 1. Doctors. Doctors in private medical institutions have a high salary.

What is a good GPA for Masters in Germany? ›

The minimum CGPA required to do an MS in Germany is 7 or 70%. However, if you want to get admission to a world-class university, you need the best score in IELTS, and your CGPA must be around 8.5.

Is 2.0 a good grade in Masters in Germany? ›

(1.7 to 2.3) – good, seen as a relatively good result (A- to B)
German university grades.
2.0gut (good)pass
2.3Gut (good) –pass
2.7Befriedigend (satisfactory) +pass
3.0Befriedigend (satisfactory)pass
9 more rows

Is Masters from Germany a good option? ›

Germany is a country of academic excellence with deep roots in art and architecture. There are numerous advantages of studying in Germany. Most universities offer a wide range of practical learning courses. The best part of the German education system is that many public universities offer free education to students.

Which has more salary AI or data science? ›

According to PayScale, the average data scientist salary is 812, 855 lakhs per annum while artificial intelligence engineer salary is 1,500, 641 lakhs per annum.

Which country has shortage of data scientist? ›

Professionals with expertise in data science are in huge demand in China, where the domestic job market is unable to fill the huge amount of advertised positions.

Which country pays data scientist most? ›

Best countries to work as Data Scientist in 2022
  • Bengaluru, India. ...
  • Average Salary: Rs. ...
  • Geneva, Switzerland. ...
  • Average Salary: 180,000 Swiss Fr (Franc) to 200,000 Swiss Fr (Franc) per annum.
  • Berlin, Germany. ...
  • Average Salary: €11,000 to €114,155 per annum.
  • London, United Kingdom. ...
  • Average Salary: £62,771 per annum.

Can I settle in Germany after Masters? ›

Yes. After you have completed your studies you can stay in Germany while you are looking for a job. Students from non-EU and non-EEA countries who hold a residence permit can apply to have it extended for another 18 months while they search for a job in Germany.

Are data scientists paid well in Germany? ›

There is a range of Data Scientist salaries in Berlin, Germany from €72,000 to €80,000 on average. This can depend on a number of factors like the candidate's experience and the company's compensation package. The average data scientist salary in Berlin, Germany is €76,500 in 2022.

Can I get a job in Germany after learning German? ›

Opportunity to work & study in German-Speaking Countries

German university degrees have an excellent international reputation and are highly respected by employers worldwide. Once you have attained an advanced level in mastering German, you have the opportunity to travel and work in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Which profession has shortage in Germany? ›

Top 5 skill shortage sectors in Germany for 2022
  • Healthcare professionals.
  • Professionals in mechanical, automotive, and electrical engineering fields, software programming, supply and waste management, etc.
  • Plumbers, pipefitters, electricians, welders, etc.
  • Professional careers of aged people.

What is the easiest job to get in Germany? ›

If you are looking for a job opportunity here, then the easiest jobs you can find in Germany are the ones that are in demand.
Top job openings in Germany:
  • Nurses.
  • Business managers.
  • Account managers.
  • Production assistants.
  • Sales managers, representatives.
  • Product managers.
  • Architects.
  • Civil engineers.
19 Oct 2019

Which job is most demand in Germany? ›

According to, these are the most highly-demanded jobs in Germany in 2022:
  • Software developers, architects, and programmers.
  • Electronics engineers, electricians, and electrical fitters.
  • Nurses.
  • IT consultants and analysts.
  • Economists and business management experts.
  • Customer advisors and account managers.
20 Oct 2022

Which job has highest salary in AI? ›

Top 10 Highest Paying Machine Learning Jobs in India [A Complete Report]
  • Computer scientist.
  • Data scientist. Best Machine Learning Courses & AI Courses Online.
  • Statistician.
  • Machine learning engineer.
  • Research engineer.
  • Computer vision engineer.
  • Data engineer.
  • Algorithm engineer.
5 Sept 2022

Who is the strongest AI in the world? ›

Meta unveils AI Research SuperCluster, the world's most powerful artificial intelligence supercomputer - Actu IA.

Which European country is best in artificial intelligence? ›

This means that the UK is considered the country best situated within Western Europe to implement AI within public services, from healthcare to education to transportation.
Western European governments' artificial intelligence (AI) readiness index rankings in 2020.
CharacteristicAI readiness index score
12 more rows
17 Mar 2022

Is AI highly paid job? ›

Depending on the organization, artificial intelligence jobs can pay up to $190,000 per year. Currently, many AI-related jobs are in the banking, software and technology industries. Most A.I. engineers earn between $80,000 to $130,000 a year.

Which degree is best for artificial intelligence? ›

A Bachelor's or Master's in Computer Science is the traditional degree for working in artificial intelligence.

Which AI skills are most in demand? ›

Top Artificial Intelligence Skills
  • Programming Skills. No matter what field you're in, computer programming languages are essential as they are the foundation of the computer programs we execute every day. ...
  • Python. ...
  • R. ...
  • Java. ...
  • C++ ...
  • Libraries and Frameworks. ...
  • Mathematics and Statistics. ...
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning.
4 Aug 2022

Which field is best for future in Germany? ›

Best courses to study in Germany for high paying jobs in 2022
  • Medicine.
  • Engineering.
  • Business and Management.
  • Computer Science.
  • Law.
  • Architecture.
  • Psychology.
30 Apr 2022

Which study is best for future in Germany? ›

Do you want to study in Germany? Here are the top courses to study in Germany to avail more opportunities in the global market:
  • Medicine and Dentistry.
  • Law.
  • Industrial Engineering.
  • Engineering.
  • Mathematics and Computer Science.
  • Natural Sciences.
  • Business and economics.
  • Architecture.
22 Aug 2022

Which software skill is most in demand in Germany? ›

  • 22509 +648. Active Jobs.
  • 5919 +151. Companies.
  • 1039 +11. Locations.

What is a 3.5 GPA in Germany? ›

CGPA (Best: 4.0, Worst: 2.0)German Grading System (Best: 1.0, Worst:5.0)
3.51.75 (Good)
3.41.90 (Good)
3.32.05 (Good)
3.22.20 (Good)
17 more rows

What is a 2.5 GPA in Germany? ›

1.0–1.5 sehr gut (very good: an outstanding achievement) 1.6–2.5 gut (good: an achievement which lies substantially above average requirements) 2.6–3.5 befriedigend (satisfactory: an achievement which corresponds to average requirements)

What is a 3.7 GPA in Germany? ›

PercentagGerman Grade
50-65%3.7, 4.0
65-80%2.7, 3.0, 3.3
80-90%1.7, 2.0, 2.3
90-100%1.0, 1.3
1 more row

Does Masters grade matter in Germany? ›

Nobody cares about grades when you look for work after school in Germany, unless you graduated with distinction (which might or might not help). If anything, your university and specific study program might (or might not) matter.

What is a good CGPA in Germany? ›

This is known as the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). So, for example, if you have achieved 85%, this would convert to a CGPI of 8.5.
Information that you need to provide in order to convert to GPA:
PercentageGPA in GermanyValue
80-90%1.6-2.5“Gut” – Good
65-80%2.6-3.5“Befriedigend” – Satisfactory
3 more rows
30 Aug 2022

What is a 4.0 GPA in Germany? ›

Primary & Lower Secondary (1st-10th grade)
GradeScaleGrade Description
3-3.30 - 3.69Befriedigend (Satisfactory)
4+3.70 - 3.99Ausreichend (Sufficient)
44.00 - 4.29Ausreichend (Sufficient)
4-4.30 - 4.69Mangelhaft (Poor)
11 more rows

What are the disadvantages of studying in Germany? ›

But there are also a few drawbacks that you should make a note of before applying.
  • ➕Free education. ...
  • ➖Working limits. ...
  • ➕ Strong economy. ...
  • ➖ Language barrier. ...
  • ➕Good Institutions. ...
  • ➖ Lack of educational facilities. ...
  • Apply to German universities with Rostrum Education:

Which subject is best for Masters in Germany? ›

MS in Electrical Engineering, MS in Automotive Engineering, MS in Computer Science, and MS in Chemical Engineering are some of the most sought-after courses for Masters in German universities.

Which master degree is most valuable in Germany? ›

There are 1,852 study programs available in the English language at 236 schools and universities in Germany.
Highest Paid Degrees in Germany
  1. Medicine and Dentistry. ...
  2. Law. ...
  3. Industrial Engineering. ...
  4. Engineering. ...
  5. Mathematics and Computer Science. ...
  6. Natural Sciences. ...
  7. Business and Economics.

Which one should I choose AI or data science? ›

AI is about imparting autonomy to the data model. With Data Science, we build models that use statistical insights. On the other hand, AI is for building models that emulate cognition and human understanding. Data Science does not involve a high degree of scientific processing as compared to AI.

Which is better it or AI and data science? ›

The data science market is expected to reach USD 178 billion by 2025, while artificial intelligence (AI) is predicted to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 13.7% and is anticipated to grow USD 202.57 billion by 2026.

Is data science and Artificial Intelligence a good career? ›

Data Science and AI are two trending high-demand career opportunities in the market. Many aspirants aren't sure about the decision between AI and Data Science. It is indeed confusing as AI and ML are used as the tools in Data Science and any AI related product requires strong data science skills.

Does Germany need data scientists? ›

Companies in Germany offer lucrative salaries for data scientists due to higher demand and competition in the data science field. According to data published in Data Career, data scientists earn around €66,000 in a year along with additional incentives and the salary has increased 15-20% in the last 5 years.

Why people quit data science? ›

Many organizations, as mentioned above, don't even have the data reporting infrastructure in place. Therefore, around 80% of the time a data scientist is requested to get the data, clean it, transform it, and then send it to the next team. This creates disillusionment in the minds of data scientists.

Why people quit data science jobs? ›

Reason #1: Mismatch in Employer Expectations

You spend thousands of hours learning statistics and the nuances of different machine learning algorithms. Then, you apply to dozens of different data science job listings, go through extensive interview processes, and finally get hired by a mid-sized organization.

Which city is best for data science jobs? ›

Bangalore, India

Bangalore is one of the most preferred places to move to in India when it comes to growing in the data science profession. This is for the sole reason that Bangalore is considered to be a hub for every significant technological advancement.

How do I become a data scientist in Germany? ›

An individual wishing to pursue a Masters in Data Science in Germany must fulfill the eligibility requirements set for the course. Students must hold a bachelor's degree in similar fields of science like mathematics, physics, statistics, computer science, or economics.

Is data analyst in demand in Germany? ›

Life as Data Analyst in Germany

With the constant growth in the IT and Automotive sector, the demand for data analysts is also increasing. If you are a student from any other country, then also you can easily apply here for the job.

Is data science in Germany worth IT? ›

In Germany, the median salary of data scientists is €66,000, whereas senior data scientists can earn up to €86,000, and the lead data scientists can earn over €106,000, as per Glassdoor.

Is Germany good to study data science? ›

With an international reputation for world-class faculty and modern infrastructure, German universities equip students with an in-depth understanding of modules like applied statistics, practical machine learning, database systems, data preparation, and decision analytics, all of which are commonly used in businesses.

Is Germany a good place for data science? ›

Companies in Germany offer lucrative salaries for data scientists due to higher demand and competition in the data science field. According to data published in Data Career, data scientists earn around €66,000 in a year along with additional incentives and the salary has increased 15-20% in the last 5 years.

Which country pays highest for data science? ›

As expected, US salaries are the highest, with a total annual pay of $122,480. The lowest reported earnings are $67,550 and the highest are $148,493 per year. Let's break this down further. The average data scientist salary in New York is $122,321 per year.

Which country has highest paid data scientist? ›

Best Country for Data Science Job
  • United States. Data scientists in the US are paid handsome salaries amounting to USD 165,000 on average per year. ...
  • Switzerland. In Switzerland, data scientists earn an average salary of USD140,000 annually. ...
  • UK. ...
  • Australia. ...
  • Israel. ...
  • China. ...
  • Canada. ...
  • India.
13 Jul 2022

In which country data science is best? ›

Best countries to study data science
  • Data Science in USA.
  • Data Science in UK.
  • Data Science in New Zealand.
  • Data Science in Germany.
  • Data Science in France.
  • Data Science in Cyprus.
  • Data Science in Sweden.
  • Data Science in Australia.

Which subject is most demanding in Germany? ›

Courses in Demand in Germany
  • Power Engineering. ...
  • Management and Technology (TUM-BWL) ...
  • Automotive Production Engineering (M. ...
  • Renewable Energy Systems. ...
  • M. ...
  • M. ...
  • Automotive Engineering M.Sc. ...
  • Civil Engineering M.Sc.

Which country is best for masters in data science? ›

1) Which is the best country to do a master's in data science? The top countries that provide the best education in data science include the USA, UK, Canada, France, Australia, New Zealand. So far, the USA has been reigning the 1st position for masters in data science.

Which field is best to study in Germany? ›

Do you want to study in Germany? Here are the top courses to study in Germany to avail more opportunities in the global market:
  • Medicine and Dentistry.
  • Law.
  • Industrial Engineering.
  • Engineering.
  • Mathematics and Computer Science.
  • Natural Sciences.
  • Business and economics.
  • Architecture.
22 Aug 2022

How much a data scientist earns in Germany? ›

The national average salary for a Data Scientist is €65,000 in Germany. Filter by location to see Data Scientist salaries in your area. Salary estimates are based on 1,622 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Data Scientist employees. How accurate does €65,000 look to you?

Which field has highest salary in Germany? ›

The highest-paid professions in Germany belong to the medical, engineering, and financial sectors. The top-paying jobs require a degree related to your domain because unskilled jobs do not fetch a good salary. Surprisingly, research has found that Germany's average highest-paying job rate is at least €55,475 per annum.

How much do entry level data scientists make in Germany? ›

5.055 € (EUR)/yr

An entry level data scientist (1-3 years of experience) earns an average salary of 74.504 €. On the other end, a senior level data scientist (8+ years of experience) earns an average salary of 131.542 €.

Who earns more MBA or data scientist? ›

The recent placement data from Symbiosis Pune reflects that a postgraduate program in Data Science when compared to a general MBA degree has better placement opportunities in terms of average salary and highest package offered.


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