Artificial Intelligence Pdf Notes & Reference Books | Free Download AI Books & Study Materials for B.Tech CSE 3rd-Year (2023)

Artificial Intelligence Pdf Books & Lecture Notes: Students who are passionate about AI techniques must refer to this page to an end. Here, we have compiled the best books for Artificial Intelligence to enhance more knowledge about the subject and to score better marks in the exam. You can learn whole concepts of AI by referring Artificial Intelligence Pdf Notes & Books which are available in the download links below.

Any university students of B.Tech CSE branch can make use of these AI lecture notes pdf by downloading them easily without any registration. However, you can also check out Artificial Intelligence Study Materials, List of AI Reference Books, Important Questions of Artificial Intelligence, and latest AI Syllabus along with Artificial Intelligence Pdf Lecture Notes Download links from the below sections.

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About Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Having basic proficiency in a standard Artificial Intelligence language as well as an ability to create easy intermediate programs and capability to understand code written in AI language is a must to become professional in Artificial Intelligence subject. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is related to science that processes by helping machines to find solutions to complex issues in a more humanoid fashion.

Basic knowledge of more advanced topics of AI such as learning, natural language processing, agents and robotics, expert systems, and planning are required to score better marks and improve your skills also. So, check more details about Artificial Intelligence Pdf with the help of below direct content links.

  • Artificial Intelligence Pdf Recommended Books List
  • Latest Syllabus of Artificial Intelligence Subject
  • B.Tech 3rd-year Artificial Intelligence Important Questions list

Download Links of Artificial Intelligence PDF Notes for CSE 6th Sem

For the sake of Btech 3rd year CSE Students, we have given a list of Artificial Intelligence Pdf Lecture Notes Download links in the below table:

AI Books & Lecture NotesDownload Links
Basics of Artificial Intelligence PdfDownload
Lecture Notes of Artificial IntelligenceDownload
Artificial Intelligence Notes PPTDownload
Handwritten Notes of AI in PDFDownload
Introduction to artificial intelligence pdf downloadDownload
Artificial Intelligence Question Paper in pdfDownload

List of Artificial Intelligence Reference Books by Suggested Authors

Finding the right book for preparation is a tough task for every student. To make it simple, we have many alternatives but picking up the one right alternative is very important for increasing your knowledge about the subject. Artificial Intelligence is the most trending and innovative subject for all. So, select the best AI Textbook & score better marks in the examination. In below, we have listed some of the best books that help in your preparation which was suggested by subject experts. Go through the Artificial Intelligence Reference Books list and enhance your knowledge of all AI concepts.

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Patterson, PHI
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Ertel, Wolf Gang, Springer
  • Artificial Intelligence- Saroj Kaushik, CENGAGE Learning,
  • Artificial intelligence, structures, and Strategies for Complex problem solving, -George F Lugar, 5th ed, PEA
  • The Artificial intelligence, A Modern Approach, 2nd ed, Stuart Russel, Peter Norvig, PEA
  • Artificial Intelligence, A New Synthesis, Nils J Nilsson, Elsevier
  • Artificial Intelligence- Rich, Kevin Knight, Shiv Shankar B Nair, 3rd ed, TMH

Latest Artificial Intelligence Syllabus – B.Tech 3rd Year


Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: Introduction, history, intelligent systems, foundations of AI, applications, tic-tac-tie game playing, development of ai languages, current trends in AI

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Problem-solving: State-space search and control strategies: Introduction, general problem solving, characteristics of the problem, exhaustive searches, heuristic search techniques, iterative- deepening a*, constraint satisfaction Problem reduction and game playing: Introduction, problem reduction, game playing, alpha-beta pruning, two-player perfect information games


Logic concepts: Introduction, propositional calculus, proportional logic, natural deduction system, axiomatic system, semantic tableau system in proportional logic, resolution refutation in proportional logic, predicate logic


Knowledge representation: Introduction, approaches to knowledge representation, knowledge representation using the semantic network, extended semantic networks for KR, knowledge representation using frames advanced knowledge representation techniques: Introduction, conceptual dependency theory, script structure, cyc theory, case grammars, semantic web


Expert system and applications: Introduction phases in building expert systems, expert system versus traditional systems, rule-based expert systems blackboard systems truth maintenance systems, application of expert systems, list of shells and tools


Uncertainty measure: probability theory: Introduction, probability theory, Bayesian belief networks, certainty factor theory, dempster-Shafer theory Fuzzy sets and fuzzy logic: Introduction, fuzzy sets, fuzzy set operations, types of membership functions, multi-valued logic, fuzzy logic, linguistic variables and hedges, fuzzy propositions, inference rules for fuzzy propositions, fuzzy systems.


  • Implement basic AI algorithms (e.g., standard search algorithms or dynamic programming).
  • Identify problems that are amenable to solution by AI methods, and which AI methods may be suited to solving a given problem.
  • Design and carry out an empirical evaluation of different algorithms on a problem formalization, and state the conclusions that the evaluation supports.
  • Formalize a given problem in the language/framework of different AI methods (e.g., as a search problem, as a constraint satisfaction problem, as a planning problem, as a Markov decision process, etc).

Artificial Intelligence PDF Important Questions List- 3rd Year

  1. Discuss the areas of application of Artificial Intelligence.?
  2. What are the frames? Give a sample frame of the Computer department of a college?
  3. Explain the Bayesian method of reasoning?
  4. Discuss the tic-tac-toe problem in detail and explain how it can be solved using AI techniques?
  5. Define the certainty factor. What are the components of the certainty factor?
  6. Explain the A* algorithm with an example. What are the limitations of the A* algorithm?
  7. Explain the logic-based truth maintenance system with an example?
  8. Describe the different control strategies used in problem-solving?
  9. With a neat diagram, explain the justification based truth maintenance system?
  10. Consider the following sentences: I. John likes all kinds of food. II. Apples are food III. Chicken is food IV. Anything anyone eats and isn’t killed by is food. V. Bill eats peanuts and is still alive. VI. Sue eats everything Bill eats.
    • Translate these sentences into formulas in predicate logic.
    • Convert the formulas into clause form.
    • Prove that John likes peanuts using Resolution.
  11. Explain reasoning using Semantic networks?

FAQs on AI Books & Lecture Notes Pdf

1. What is Artificial Intelligence with Examples?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most important course for B.Tech CSE branch students, which emphasizes the development of Intelligence Machines, Thinking and Working like humans. For example, speech recognition, problem-solving, learning and planning.

2. Is Artificial Intelligence a good career?

AI is a stable career option for a while and as the acceptance of Artificial Intelligence in different verticals lasts to grow, the demand for trained professionals to do the jobs developed by this growth is also skyrocketing. Hence, if you are an AI freak then be optimistic and be ready for a great career in AI.

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3. What is an Artificial Intelligence book?

Artificial Intelligence Book is designed by keeping in mind all business leaders, professionals, and students. It provides you a context to imagine Deep learning, Machine learning, AGI, ANI and shows numerous use-cases in today’s business world. To learn & think about all these such creative topics, you need AI knowledge and it will gain by studying AI Book.

4. What is the best book on artificial intelligence?

Here’s the list of some best books on Artificial Intelligence subject in B.Tech CSE 3rd year, helps you to score more marks in the exam:


  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Patterson, PHI
  • Artificial Intelligence, A New Synthesis, Nils J Nilsson, Elsevier
  • Artificial Intelligence- Rich, Kevin Knight, Shiv Shankar B Nair, 3rd ed, TMH
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We hope the information provided about Artificial Intelligence Notes pdf download will be beneficial for you to understand the fundamentals of AI subject and score better in the examination. However, we have also shared the data about AI Reference Books, List of Important Questions, and whole Artificial Intelligence Syllabus for the sake of CSE engineering students.

Also, this info will be useful for IT students so make use of this available Artificial Intelligence Study Material & Lecture Notes PDF Download Links. Share this article with your friends and help them during exams. Keep in touch with our site and get more updates on books, reference books, course details, admissions, application forms, exams, and many more.


What is artificial intelligence AI PDF? ›

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science. It involves developing computer. programs to complete tasks which would otherwise require human intelligence. AI algorithms can. tackle learning, perception, problem-solving, language-understanding and/or logical reasoning.

What is artificial intelligence in BCA notes? ›

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of Science which deals with helping machines find solutions to complex problems in a more human-like fashion. This generally involves borrowing characteristics from human intelligence, and applying them as algorithms in a computer friendly way.

What is the best book for AI for beginners? ›

Top 10 Books on Artificial Intelligence for Beginners
  1. Artificial Intelligence by Stuart Russel and Peter Norvig. ...
  2. Make Your Own Neural Work by Tariq Rashid. ...
  3. Machine Learning for Dummies by John Paul Mueller and Luca Massaron. ...
  4. Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners by Oliver Theobald.
Dec 21, 2021

What are the 4 types of artificial intelligence? ›

According to the current system of classification, there are four primary AI types: reactive, limited memory, theory of mind, and self-aware.

What are the types of AI PDF? ›

There are four types of artificial intelligence: reactive machines, limited memory, theory of mind and self-awareness.

Who is the father of artificial intelligence? ›

After playing a significant role in defining the area devoted to the creation of intelligent machines, John McCarthy, an American computer scientist pioneer and inventor, was called the “Father of Artificial Intelligence.” In his 1955 proposal for the 1956 Dartmouth Conference, the first artificial intelligence ...

What is artificial intelligence PPT? ›

 Artificial Intelligence : Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence by machines. 1) The ability to solve problems. 2) The ability to act rationally. 3) The ability to act like humans.

Where is AI used? ›

AI is the backbone of smart assistants, which can be accessed through most phones on the market these days and are also being integrated into cars and smart home devices. As of 2022, more than 120 million U.S. adults use a smart assistant at least once a month.

What is artificial intelligence textbook? ›

Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach (AIMA) is a university textbook on artificial intelligence, written by Stuart J. Russell and Peter Norvig. It was first published in 1995 and the fourth edition of the book was released on 28 April 2020.

What is artificial intelligence for beginners? ›

AI- artificial intelligence- is the science of training machines to perform human tasks. The term was invented in the 1950s when scientists began exploring how computers could solve problems on their own. Artificial Intelligence is a computer that is given human-like properties.

What is artificial intelligence with examples? ›

Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. Specific applications of AI include expert systems, natural language processing, speech recognition and machine vision.

How do you make a brain book? ›

Kurzweil then explains that a computer version of this design could be used to create an artificial intelligence more capable than the human brain.
How to Create a Mind.
AuthorRay Kurzweil
Media typePrint
9 more rows

What is deep learning neural network? ›

A neural network is a method in artificial intelligence that teaches computers to process data in a way that is inspired by the human brain. It is a type of machine learning process, called deep learning, that uses interconnected nodes or neurons in a layered structure that resembles the human brain.

Why is Judea Pearl? ›

The Book of Why: The New Science of Cause and Effect is a 2018 nonfiction book by computer scientist Judea Pearl and writer Dana Mackenzie. The book explores the subject of causality and causal inference from statistical and philosophical points of view for a general audience.

What is Artificial Intelligence with examples? ›

Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. Specific applications of AI include expert systems, natural language processing, speech recognition and machine vision.

What is Artificial Intelligence introduction? ›

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability of machines to replicate or enhance human intellect, such as reasoning and learning from experience. Artificial intelligence has been used in computer programs for years, but it is now applied to many other products and services.

What is AI and how does it work? ›

Artificial Intelligence is a technology that allows machines and computer applications to mimic human intelligence, learning from experience via iterative processing and algorithmic training.

What is Artificial Intelligence essay? ›

Therefore, when machines are equipped with man-made intelligence to perform intelligent tasks similar to humans, it is known as Artificial Intelligence. It is all about developing intelligent machines that can simulate the human brain and work & behave like human beings.


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