10 best texting games and text-based games for Android (2023)

10 best texting games and text-based games for Android (1)

Texting games (text-based games) are some of the oldest computer games. Many remember old text RPGs like Zork. Mobile gave the genre a chance at a renaissance and there are actually a bunch of good ones. It comes naturally on a smartphone. You text your friends and family on your phone. Why not text a fictional stranger to help them live? In any case, these games are usually pretty simple. There was a minor resurgence of the genre in the late 2010s, but most of them don’t get regular updates these days. There are only a few great text games left and here they are.

This genre also spawned a whole new sub-genre, the lost phone. Instead of answering text prompts, you root through a fictional phone to find out what happened to its owner. We have a little bit of everything on this list. Here are the best texting games for Android! We’d also like to recommend Zarya-1 as an honorable mention.

The best texting games for Android

  • Alter Ego
  • A Normal Lost Phone
  • BitLife
  • Delight Games titles
  • King of Dragon Pass
  • Knights of San Francisco
  • Lifeline series
  • Magium
  • Reign games
  • Sorcery! games

Alter Ego

Price: Free / $2.99-$9.99

Alter Ego is an excellent text game for Android. The game revolves around two main mechanics. You tap on EGOs to collect it and use it to progress through the story. The game features multiple endings and your decisions change the course of the game. Additionally, there is an element where it tries to analyze your personality based on the choices you make. Most players find it to be fairly accurate. Between the idle clicker mechanics and text mechanics, it’s a solid overall game.

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A Normal Lost Phone is a puzzle text game. You wind up a person and must dig through their phone to find out who they are and what happened to them. You can read their texts, scroll through their photos, and even check out what apps they have downloaded. The game is a bit heavier on the narrative element than the text or puzzle elements, but it’s generally a pretty good game overall. It’s also free via Google Play Pass if you use it. There is another game in this series, Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story (Google Play). However, it hasn’t had an update since 2017 so it may or may not work on your phone.


Price: Free to play

10 best texting games and text-based games for Android (2)

BitLife is a text-based life simulator. You create a person, write their entire lives, and make decisions on their behalf. The game features a lot of choices, including a bunch of jobs, various life paths, and you can even adopt a bunch of pets. Players can attend college and find a good job or drop out and sponge off of their parents. It’s all up to you. This is among the most popular life simulator games. AltLife is another strong option in this space.

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Delight Games titles

Price: Free to play (usually)

(Video) 10 Fun Texting Games to Play With Your Friends Over the Phone

Delight Games is a developer on Google Play with a few decent text games. A few of the options include an Oregon Trail style game, a D&D style game, Your Choice, Wizard’s Choice, and a few others. All of these games have very similar mechanics, looks, feel, and style. The games tell a bit of story, give you a choice, and then continue based on your choice. The only downside is the free versions require you to watch a bunch of ads between chapters in some of the titles. You can, of course, buy the coins and continue forward instead. These are reasonably good for how vague all of the names are.

King of Dragon Pass

Price: $9.99

King of Dragon Pass is a texting strategy game with a fantasy theme and RPG elements. It uses more graphical elements than most texting games. However, it ends up being useful for keeping track of all the stuff you accrue over the course of your adventure. You gather goods, trade for stuff, go on adventures, and slay mighty beasts. It’s a lot deeper and longer than many text games we tried. All of that awesomeness does come at a price, though. The game costs $9.99 and honestly, that’s a hard pill to swallow even for a full graphical game. We’ll leave it up to you, but the game is really good. It’s also free if you have a Google Play Pass subscription.

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Knights of San Francisco

Price: $2.99

Knights of San Francisco is the newest text game on the list as of 2021. It pays homage to the text games of old where you literally dictate almost every action in text format. The game is only about 90 minutes long. Luckily, it’s not very expensive and there are no in-app purchases. The game centers around a post-apocalyptic San Francisco, now a ruin. There are ogres and dragons to fight and a story to play through. The best part of this game is easily the combat system. You can target individual body parts to swing the battle your way. It’s surprisingly fun for such a short game.

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Lifeline series

Price: $1.99-$2.99 each

10 best texting games and text-based games for Android (3)

The Lifeline series is an older series of text-based adventure games. There are about half a dozen games in the entire franchise and all of the stories are a little different. However, they all revolve around the same premise. You receive messages from people and decide what to do about them. Those decisions have an impact on the story. You can lose the game if you make bad choices. The earlier games are a little bare in the features department but still tell great stories. The later games add more gameplay elements, fast forward modes, and the ability to backtrack. They are old, though, so test them inside of the refund period to be sure they work on your device.


Price: Free / $2.99

Magium is a simple choose-your-own-adventure game with some RPG elements. You play as Barry, a normal guy who wants to become a mage someday. Players enter a tournament, improve Barry’s stats, and try to make all of that happen. Your decisions have an impact on the story and it can even cause you to die and lose. This game is in active development. There are two whole books to play through with a third in the works already. It’s a nice little pickup if you want something that’s going to take a while. The game is also free on Google Play Pass if you use it.

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Reigns games

Price: $2.99-$3.99 each

Reigns is a series of text games with card game and strategy elements. There are three games in the series. The first has a king, the second a queen, and the third one lets you play as characters from Game of Thrones. It’s a simple series of games, really. You are presented with a scenario on a card and you choose yes or no by swiping the card left or right Tinder style. The game tells you the results of your decision and then you make another one. Players keep going until they lose. They are inexpensive games with no in-app purchases or ads. They aren’t the deepest texting games on mobile, but we they are still quite fun. All three games are available on Google Play Pass if you use that service.

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Sorcery! games

Price: $4.99 each

Sorcery! is a series of text games. There are four games in the series at the time of this writing and they are all pretty decent. They have heavier graphical elements than most text games, but that’s perfectly okay. You basically move around the game world and engage with it with narrative text and decisions. The story forms around your decisions and there are just a ton of different things to do. This is closer to a narrative game than a pure text game, but it has elements of both. The Sorcery series is excellent. It’s also a little expensive at $4.99 per game for a total of $20 for the whole series to date.

If we missed any great texting games for Android, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists!

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What is the 20 questions game texting? ›

1. 20 Questions. To play the 20 questions texting game, one player must pick something from their imagination; it could be an object, place, or even an obscure celebrity. Then your friend will try to guess the object you chose in 20 "Yes or No" Questions or less.

Which Android game is No 1 in the world? ›

Android: top 50 games of 2022 so far
RankGameCombined score for downloads & revenue
2Candy Crush Saga143
3Coin Master130
46 more rows
30 Jul 2022

What are text based games called? ›

Text adventures (sometimes synonymously referred to as interactive fiction) are text-based games wherein worlds are described in the narrative and the player submits typically simple commands to interact with the worlds.

What games can I play with my crush over text? ›

10 Flirty Games To Play Over Text With Your Crush
  • Would You Rather. fotostorm/E+/Getty Images. ...
  • Never Have I Ever. Turning a round of “never have I ever” into a flirty (or even seductive) moment is simple. ...
  • 20 Questions. ...
  • This Or That. ...
  • Name That Tune. ...
  • Truth Or Dare. ...
  • Two Truths & A Lie. ...
  • The Abbreviation Game.
23 Jun 2022

How do you play 21 questions with adults? ›

Each player has to answer a set of 21 questions. To make things more interesting, the players can divide the questions and allocate points to each. The person who answers them all wins. If you gather more than two people to play, all the other players get to ask you a question from the list as per their wish.

Who is No 1 game in world? ›

What PC Games Are People Playing Right Now?
Game titlePublisher
1.Overwatch 1 & 2Blizzard Entertainment
2.The Sims 4Electronic Arts
3.ROBLOXRoblox Corporation
4.MinecraftMojang Studios
16 more rows

Which is the 1 famous game in the world? ›

The top #1 most played popular game in the world right now is Minecraft. Released back on 18 November 2011, Mojang Studios was able to sell above 238 million copies of the game across all platforms, with around 600 registered players. Minecraft has a good track record with constant updates and version releases.

Which is the No 1 offline game in the world? ›

Here's a list of the best offline games you can play on Android.
Top 10 Best Offline Android Games – Updated October 2022.
GameDownload CostIn-app cost (per item)
I Love Hue TooFree$4.99
The Way HomeFree$6.99
TAP! DIG! MY MUSEUM!Free$0.99 – $11.99
7 more rows
24 Oct 2022

What is a popular word based game? ›

#1: Scrabble (2+ players)

A classic of word games, Scrabble is a game played with letter tiles on a board that's marked with different squares. (Some squares provide extra points.) Letters have different points values depending on how common they are.

What is LOL type of game? ›

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game in which the player controls a character ("champion") with a set of unique abilities from an isometric perspective. As of 22 September 2022, there are 161 champions available to play.

What are the 4 types of games? ›

Video Game Genres: Everything You Need to Know
  • Sandbox.
  • Real-time strategy (RTS)
  • Shooters (FPS and TPS)
  • Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA)
  • Role-playing (RPG, ARPG, and More)
  • Simulation and sports.
  • Puzzlers and party games.
  • Action-adventure.
23 Jul 2020

How do girls flirt over text? ›

How To Flirt Over Text
  1. Keep it short and sweet. As a general rule, the simpler the message, the better. ...
  2. Stay positive. Flirting, by nature, is meant to be cheerful and lighthearted — it should make you both feel like you're in high school again. ...
  3. Be complimentary.
  4. Ask a playful question.
7 Dec 2021

How do I text my girlfriend? ›

How to Keep a Conversation Going with a Girl over Text
  1. Ask Her Interesting Questions. ...
  2. Ask Her about Her Life and Background. ...
  3. Ask Her about Her Hopes and Dreams. ...
  4. When You Learn Something about Her, Ask More Questions about It. ...
  5. If She Asks You about Yourself, Be Vulnerable and Share. ...
  6. Leave Her Wanting More.
20 Sept 2022

What questions attract a man? ›

21 Questions to Ask a Guy to Get to Know Him
  • What's Your Family Like? ...
  • What's Your Favorite Childhood Memory? ...
  • What's Your Favorite Song? ...
  • Do You Want Children? ...
  • If You Could Have One Superpower, What Would It Be? ...
  • What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Job? ...
  • If You Could Travel Anywhere, Where Would You Go?
7 Apr 2019

How do u get a guy to like u? ›

Here are some tips and tricks from relationship and matchmaking experts that can help you get a man to focus his attention on you.
  1. Smile. TODAY. ...
  2. Don't hide in the corner. ...
  3. Ask for his help. ...
  4. Talk about your hobbies. ...
  5. Don't dress for your girlfriends. ...
  6. Look him in the eye. ...
  7. Avoid the obvious. ...
  8. Go out alone or with one other friend.
20 Jul 2016

What questions make a boy blush? ›

Do you think about me when we're not together? Asking him whether he ever thinks about you is an easy flirty question to ask a guy and get him to flatter you and make you feel great.

What questions make a girl blush? ›

11 romantic and flirty first date questions to ask your crush
  • Do you believe in love at first sight? ...
  • What's your perfect day? ...
  • What's your favorite romantic movie? ...
  • What's the quickest way to your heart? ...
  • Do you get butterflies when you fall in love? ...
  • What's your favorite romantic story?
7 Oct 2022

What is the 20 questions game with a guy? ›

For those who don't know, '20 Questions' is a fun game you can play with your boyfriend! The basic idea is that your partner thinks of a place/ object/ person and you have to guess that in 20 questions or less with him answering in just 'yes' or 'no'.

What is a good flirty question? ›

What would you do If I kissed you right now? What is your biggest turn on? What is your biggest turn off? Do you prefer cuddling or kissing?

What is the biggest game right now? ›

Call of Duty: Warzone (Modern Warfare) Minecraft. Fortnite. Grand Theft Auto V.

What is the top 10 famous game? ›

The 10 Most Popular Games Right Now
  • Minecraft.
  • Fortnite.
  • Fall Guys.
  • League of Legends.
  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.
  • CrossFire.
  • Roblox.
  • Lost Ark.
9 Aug 2022

Who is the Top 10 games? ›

The 10 best games 2022 as reviewed and rated by us
  • Elden Ring review: a majestic masterpiece ...
  • Hades review: tough as hell but heavenly to play. ...
  • Deathloop. ...
  • Halo Infinite review: the best since the original trilogy. ...
  • Forza Horizon 5 Review. ...
  • Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. ...
  • Metroid Dread. ...
  • Psychonauts 2.

What are the 10 most popular online game? ›

Here is a list of the Top 10 Online Games in the World.
  • PUBG | The Best Online Game: Developed By: PUBG Corporation. ...
  • Minecraft | The Best game On the Internet: Developed By: Mojang Studios. ...
  • Apex Legends: ...
  • Fortnite Battle Royale: ...
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. ...
  • HearthStone: ...
  • League of Legends: ...
  • Call of Duty Mobile(COD):
9 Jun 2022

What is the most popular offline game in 2022? ›

Top 10 Best Offline Android Games You Can Find in 2022
  1. Asphalt 8. Platform: Android. ...
  2. Alto's Odyssey. Platform: Android. ...
  3. Bloons TD 6. Platform: Android. ...
  4. Crossy Road. Platform: Android. ...
  5. Dead Cells. Platform: Android. ...
  6. Traffic Rider. Platform: Android. ...
  7. Nobleman: 1896. Platform: Android. ...
  8. Dead Rain 2: Tree Virus. Platform: Android.
30 Aug 2022

What is the top 5 online games in the world? ›

  • Top 10 online games in the world. The game involves dropping off on a forgotten island with 99 other players and ensuring you get the chicken dinner. ...
  • PUBG. Developed by- PUBG Corporation. ...
  • Minecraft. Developed by- Mojang Studios. ...
  • Apex Legends. ...
  • Fortnite Battle Royale. ...
  • Counter-Strike. ...
  • HearthStone. ...
  • League of Legends.
1 Oct 2022

What is the top 1 Best Online Game? ›

Most Popular Online Games of 2022: Try these Top 7 Played Video Games in the World
  • PUBG. There is a huge fan following of PUBG in the world. ...
  • Minecraft. ...
  • Apex Legends. ...
  • Fortnite. ...
  • Call of Duty Mobile. ...
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. ...
  • League of Legends (LOL)
31 May 2022

What's the word game everyone playing? ›

For those who haven't figured it out by now, Wordle is a daily word game that can be played online. It's like a password without clues and can be played only once a day. Every day there is a new word to guess and players get six chances to go at it.

What is a fun word game? ›

Jumble solver. Words with letters and a blank. Scrabble dictionary checker. Word descrambler. Spelling Bee Answers.

What is the most popular word game app 2022? ›

The best word game apps: 2022
  1. Wordle (Browser) ...
  2. Scrabble Go (Android, iOS) ...
  3. USA Today Crossword (Android, iOS, Browser) ...
  4. Pictoword (Android, iOS) ...
  5. Cryptogram (Android, iOS) ...
  6. SpellTower (Android, iOS) ...
  7. Wordscapes (Android, iOS) ...
  8. Word Search Puzzle (Android, iOS)
27 Apr 2022

What does MB mean in LoL? ›

This acronym is mostly used online and in text messaging to represent the phrase “my bad.” This phrase is used when you are admitting that you were wrong or incorrect about something. Origin of MB.

What does 1v9 mean in LoL? ›

So, what is 1v9? 1v9 is a broad term used by League of Legends players to describe a situation when you alone are playing against the entire map. Four of your allies and five of the enemies. This is the worst situation you can find yourself in, and there are a couple of ways of trying to escape it.

What does IDK mean on Snapchat? ›

Idk is an abbreviation of the phrase I don't know. Idk is most commonly used in informal communication, such as text messaging.

What type of game is most popular? ›

Shooter games ranked as the most-played gaming genre for virtually all age groups except for online users aged 55 to 64 years, where it ranked third.

What is a popular type of game? ›

Sports Games

Another super popular gaming genre is the sports genre. Games like FIFA, UFC, NBA and so much more have dominated the gaming genre scene. These games bring the sport to the big screens and controllers in our homes.

How many games are there in the world? ›

1. There are over 831,000 games in total.

How can a girl flirt fast? ›

How to Flirt with Girls in Person
  1. Use Confidence. If you're going to flirt you absolutely have to be confident. ...
  2. Put Your Best Foot Forward. ...
  3. Approach Her the Right Way. ...
  4. Use Proper Eye Contact. ...
  5. Use Your Body Language. ...
  6. Ask About Her Interests. ...
  7. Compliment her. ...
  8. Use Your Humor.
16 Feb 2022

How do I touch her while flirting? ›

Put your hands around her waist from behind.

Touch her gently so you don't startle her. If you two get really comfortable she might even let you slide your hand down a little lower. Once she's comfortable with you putting your hands on her waist, grab her and swing her around. Then, she'll be facing you.

Is flirting cheating? ›

In general, cheating is acting behind your partner's back or against their expectations or mutual promises. In many cases, flirting is cheating when your partner doesn't approve or your actions can go against the relationship or your partner. If you're in a committed romantic relationship, you can choose love.

Is it OK to say I miss you to a girl? ›

Yes, it is perfectly okay to tell a girl your missed because guess what she wants to know. She wants to know if you think about her as much as she thinks about you. She also wants to know if she wanted. So go ahead and tell her you miss her it'll make her day.

How do I text my crush? ›

Dos and Don'ts of Texting Your Crush
  1. Ask Questions. One of the worst things you can do when talking to someone is hog the conversation. ...
  2. Don't Overwhelm Them. ...
  3. Use Emojis, Pictures, Memes and Voice Notes. ...
  4. Don't Play Mind Games. ...
  5. Be Thoughtful About It. ...
  6. Don't Overdo It. ...
  7. Have Fun With It. ...
  8. Don't Get Too Sexual or R-Rated.
13 May 2021

What is a kissing game? ›

Kissing games are games and activities that involve, and often focus on, kissing. They usually have few rules and are played in groups, although some can be played by only two people. The intimacy level involved may range from quick pecks on the cheek or lips to full making out sessions.

Is there any kissing games? ›

Spin The Bottle

If it's with friends, sit in a circle, if it's just with your man, you should sit opposite each other. Spin the bottle, and whoever it lands on, that person gets a kiss from the spinner. To turn up the heat, you can also experiment with kissing styles like french, butterfly, cheek and eskimo!

How do u play the 20 questions game? ›

The premise of the game is simple: One person, called the “answerer,” thinks of an object. The other player — the “questioner” — asks up to 20 yes-or-no questions in order to determine what object the answerer is thinking about. If the questioner guesses correctly within 20 questions, they win.

How do the 20 questions games work? ›

If you haven't played, 20Q is a game in which a player thinks of a person, place or thing, then another player asks up to 20 yes-or-no questions before trying to guess what the player is thinking of. In the electronic versions of the game, a computer asks the questions and guesses the answer, usually correctly.

How do you play 20 questions flirt? ›

The game is pretty simple. Just create a list of twenty questions, and ask your crush one question at a time. The game can be one-sided, or you and your crush can take turns asking each other the same questions from the list (either popcorn style or each person asking the other the twenty questions straight through).

What is 21 questions the game? ›

21 Questions is a game for people to get to know each other better. It can be played either in a group or with just two people. If the game is being played in a group, a target volunteers or is selected. Then, the target is asked a total of 21 questions and must answer them honestly.

What are 21 questions to ask a girl? ›

21 Questions List
  • What's the weirdest dream you've ever had?
  • If you could travel to any year in a time machine, what year would you choose and why?
  • If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
  • What's one of the most fun childhood memories you have?
5 May 2021

Is 21 questions a good game? ›

If you're looking for a great way to break the ice with new co-workers or a new boo you want to get to know better, the 21 Questions Game is a perfect place to start! All 21 of these questions are made to start memorable conversations and get to know each other a little bit more.

What is the 5 minute game? ›

5-Minute Dungeon is a chaotic, co-operative, real-time card game in which players have only five minutes to escape the randomized dungeon. Communication and teamwork are critical to survival because there's no time to form a carefully considered plan — and no predicting what dangers lie ahead.

Is there a 20 questions app? ›

You will be constantly amazed at 20Q's spooky ability to know what you're thinking. To play, think of something... anything... then answer a series of twenty questions. If it guesses within twenty questions, it wins.

How do you play 21 questions with a girl? ›

Just ask your crush one question at a time! The game can be one-sided, but you can play, too. Ask each other questions back and forth, or take turns answering all 21 questions in a row. In a group setting, the same rules apply.

What are some juicy 21 questions? ›

Juicier Questions
  • How many people have you kissed?
  • Do you ever think about me?
  • What have you done sexually with someone else?
  • What attracts you to people?
  • What are your thoughts on sex?
  • Are you a virgin?
  • Do you think you're a good kisser?
  • What turns you on?
28 Jul 2022

What are 20 open ended questions? ›

Here are 20 open ended questions for kids:
  • What is something that you can do tomorrow that will make your day better?
  • What do you think about when you wake up?
  • What is the best thing about being a grown up?
  • Today was fun because_________?
  • What's the funniest thing you have ever seen?
  • Which 3 words describe me best?
13 Sept 2016


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